Oh, Urban Decay

If you haven’t had the pleasure of owning a Naked eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay, I pray that you’ve considered purchasing one. If you’re not a fan of the price tag, find respite in there being a half-size version you can grab for half the price.

I’m an avid fan of a few shades of powdered grey, but ever since I got the Heat palette, I’m a convert to colour.

There’s no expense spared when they made the beauty product – even the palette fitting snug in its box is a clear give away of it’s quality.

The ‘snap’ as you break the opening at the side and slide the palette is all it takes to get you eagerly wanting to prize it’s contents open.

The side mirror captures the exact moment you become animated with joy as you reveal 12 beautifully unique shades, all blessed with heavy pigmentation and vibrancy.

I’ve used the palette for natural every day looks, and only ventured into one evening look. It’s truly versatile – natural looks, evening looks, using one or more colours.

It’s true of me to say that this is an amazing product, with so many options that can give you so many unique looks!

I’ve experimented with the palette on different skin tones too – pale, tanned or ethnic – with every shade being so pigmented.

The pure versatility of the palette makes for endless combinations and looks, and there’s no better eyeshadow than one that looks good on everyone!