4 Tips to Keep your New Year’s Resolutions

Christmas has come and gone. A time for spending with family as we obliviously consume our weight in chocolate, turkey and mince pies, has drawn to a close.

When January rolls around, we form New Year’s Resolutions to reverse the effects of stuffing ourselves with the previous year’s insatiable goodies and unhealthy thoughts – the punishment we put upon ourselves to convert the guilt of losing ourselves – with a rather large spoonful of restoration. Not only do we seek to repent our gluttonous sins and overbearingly negative thoughts, but the likely scoundrels who put us there – ourselves.

We’re desperately seeking out new beginnings as we enter the season of renewal after a season of being a little too jolly.

Despite our attempts to keep our resolutions alive, we can only promise to keep them going for as long as possible. And that’s understandable – it’s hard to create a new version of ourselves when we never truly know who we are (or when we haven’t yet completed our resolutions from 2018) or what we actually want to achieve.

So how can we stick to our New Year’s Resolutions in 2019 amidst the self-doubt and tribulations? I have some tips to stay focussed if your resolutions are proving difficult to keep:

  1. Keep a Diary

The written word is a powerful tool. To keep your New Year spirits high, just a reminder of what you want to achieve isn’t enough. I recommend investing in a notebook or diary to keep track of your progress.

When you start to write down your thoughts, your resolutions become less scary and more achievable. Breaking down your effort’s day by day, or week on week can give you an insight into how you’re tackling your goals, which can give you real ways to improve. Trust me, it’s better than a generic how-to guide.

The sooner you can realise how you can improve your resolutions, the sooner you can start to focus your energy into something that you know you can do.

  1. Set Goals

It may seem like I’m stating the obvious here. I mean, a New Year’s Resolution is technically a goal. However, when you put your resolution behind a plan, you’ll start to track individual wins and see yourself going from crawling, to walking, to running as your motivation soars past any expectations you actually had.

  1. Talk

They may say talk is cheap, but little do people realise how important it is to speak about your resolutions. Most people don’t stay true to their internal thoughts, but a lot of you will try and stay true to your word. By saying out loud what you want to achieve, reality seems to kick in. If you’re not willing to talk about your goals, can you really call them goals? Or are they just dreams?

You’ll find it much harder to carry out your plans when they’re locked away in your head.

4. Meditate

Recently I’ve been using my meditation time, as a time for rest. And by this, I mean sleep for a few minutes extra each morning in the space I set aside to meditate.

But I can’t stress how much meditation can drive focus when you do it right. It helps you clear your mind, rejuvenating the place that constantly gets cluttered with meaningless and unattainable trivialities, to expose the core values that will ultimately keep your resolutions alive.

There are so many great apps that will help you to touch the surface of mediation. Guiding you through your first meditation sessions, Headspace offers narrated sessions for every level, length and concentration preference. It’s a great tool for growing your meditation confidence.