What a Wonderful Wonderland


Despite the Christmas alure wearing increasingly thinner as 6th January draws closer, Winter Wonderland was anything but blue.

The lights, the food & drink and the entertainment make it a wholesome experience as they hearten the last remaining fragments of Christmas – fragments I desperately want to cling onto come every late- December.

The hustle of London doesn’t stop at the iconic towering arches at the entrance of Winter Wonderland, but I think that’s the beauty of it. A crowd is symbolic in causing chaos among the introverted and extroverted alike, but for me, it does just the opposite. You’ll soon realise as you weave among the stalls and attractions, that losing yourself comes around faster than you can say ‘Bratwurst’. It’s strange how disarray becomes blissful when it merges itself with a feeling of content.

Everyone was merry on something, whether that be a mulled wine with a shot of amaretto (my chosen poison), baileys hot chocolate or pure excitement. I was somewhat grounded in the middle – I wasn’t letting the aesthetic go enough to lose myself entirely to the mulled wine – with excitement and a little tipple being all I needed. Saying this, the amaretto wasn’t entirely necessary to achieve this… (the amaretto was, however, very efficient)

There’s really no shortage of things to perfectly and necessarily waste your time in Winter Wonderland, with or without alcohol. The Bavarian Village was no exception to this. The tingling of wine on your taste buds paired with the woolly touch of the fires, makes for a blissful accompaniment to the upbeat disco music covers sung by the bands playing around the village.

Winter Wonderland is the one thing I can truly say isn’t for life, but for Christmas. While the memories keep me yearning to go back for the other three seasons of the year, there’s something magical about the winter months that injects so much life into Hyde Park.