New Year, New Me?

I can’t lie, I haven’t thought of a single New Years resolution.

But do I really want to make the same old promises that I break without fail or remorse every fricking year? Making a resolution isn’t going to give me the motivation to excessively exercise myself to death in the name of washboard abs, or to keep up a beauty routine for the sake of my selfie game. Making resolutions like these won’t change anyone’s mindset.

And it’s mindset we need to focus on if we truly want to grow. Because anyone can change a habit if they put their mind to it, but only if they have the right mind to do it. So I propose a new tradition.

New Year, Same Old Me

But why do you want to stay the same? Well, I’ll tell you. We can’t sustain a new habit if we don’t have the right mindset behind the scenes. And for a new mindset, we can’t just replace ourselves with a picture perfect version of us that we quite frankly were pressured to create on NYE because everyone else was; because this isn’t sustainable. I’ll give you two weeks, tops.

We need to form, learn, and nurture ourselves into a new mindset; let’s not kid ourselves that we can transform overnight.

Let’s work on ourselves. Let’s be a better version of ourselves, not a new one.

Let’s work on our mental health. Let’s work on our passions. Let’s work on being the person we aspire to.